Meaning negotiation methodology: Any ideas?

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Hi, everyone,
I’ve been trying to strengthen my instruction methodology, and am now focussing on explaining benefits of, and scaffolding and tools for meaning negotiation for university-level EFL classes. Anyone who’s tackled the certificate or MA in our industry knows how different reading journal articles and theory are from actual classroom incorporation. After currently brushing up on the subject by reading some of those articles, I wonder how KMUGers in our industry handle meaning negotiation in the classroom? Specifically:

  • How do you explain it to the Ss?
  • How do you convince them of its benefits?
  • What methods of introduction, expansion, & synthesis do you use?
  • What do you do to help/encourage/cajole/threaten Ss to toe the MN line from start of lesson to its end; from beginning of semester to its end?

I’d appreciate feedback of your personal experience.
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- david s

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