Late 2008 13" Macbook

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Looking for good home:

Late 2008 13" Macbook
Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz
Recent logic board replacement by Apple (under transferable Apple Care until October 2011).
2 USB ports, no Firewire
(See spec sheet, attached below.)

Possible configurations:

4 GB RAM (Other World Computing, used for two years)
2 GB RAM (Original Apple RAM)
In either case, the uninstalled chips will be included for your future use.

Original 250 GB Hard drive, 5400 rpm, unused
320 GB Hitachi Hard Drive, 7200 rpm, used daily since October 2008

I can also sell you the unused drive mounted in a case for backup (¥7500).

(Original disks included)

a) As-new with the Leopard OS (10.5) and all original software, circa 2008.

b) Snow Leopard (10.6.4), all system and firmware updates to date, all original software.

c) Snow Leopard, updates as in (b), plus current versions of iLife (2009), iWork, NeoOffice Suite (freeware MS Office equivalent), other key utilities (Ex.: Onyx, TinkerTool, SuperDuper, etc.) installed.

¥65,000 plus ¥7500 for extra external hard drive, if desired.
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