Difference between "End" and "Finish"

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Sometimes a love relationship is finished (no more love) but not ended (still live together etc.).
A divorce will officially end a marriage, but emotionally this may not feel finished for some.

We finished all our work, so decided to end the work day and go home.

Finish means to complete something, while to end means to stop doing it. Often we end the day because we are too tired, even though we didn't finish all our work.
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Robert L. Seltman

Sorry for this easy question for you but for me is ... a question!!
End and finish, but could be also ... start and begin
Anyway if I say The film finishes at ten... can I say the film ends at ten??
Or more:
The school year ends in June... or the school year finishes in June   
Another day is OVER???  Another day is ended???   Another day is finished???
All correct? Or if not, what is the difference?
Thank you very much
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