I need to draw some attention to my urls.

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Can you help?
It's an old thread, but it still looks relevant:

Bill, you come up high in both Google and Yahoo (the Japanese versions) with the search term "sailboat school" but not when looking for "sailing school" or "sailing courses" - it would be useful to put those expressions also on your page. :)

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I just did searches on Google with likely keywords and both your sites appeared "above the fold" so I think you're in good shape there. I want to mention, however, that you have some image links that are not appearing in the "Urgent News from Captain Bill" section of bliss Or, I think they are images. When I right click them to open in a new tab, I'm informed that I don't have the application needed to open the document. I'm not sure what you're doing there but it's not working for me, at least.

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Bill, I did it on Google and Bing. Both show that you are shown on some blogs. The link to your Bliss site does not work on Bing, though.

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Who's Denny Crane? The greatest trial lawyer in history. See

You may try having friends with blogs reviewing and linking to your site.
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Robert L. Seltman

Can you help?  My pool of clients is very small...
As you know, Bliss and the Juku have gone through some url changes.
Now I need to raise their level on Bing and Google and I'm asking anyone if they would like to do some searches on both those engines to push me up the page...
This may be more important for the Juku than for Bliss as the next national exam if April 18.
Please search for:
Bill's Little Informal Sailboat School
Japan Small Boat License Juku
Thanks for your efforts...
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