KMUG Annual Picnic: Saturday, May 27!

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Delighted to be back at KinkiNet - thanks very much Ron & others for picking it up!  One concern: as I went through the login process, I several times got a popup box saying "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised."  Are you aware of that?   

I look forward to seeing everyone at the picnic though I'll be a bit late since I had 2 makeup classes in the morning.   
See you Saturday!  Louise

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KMUG’s Annual Picnic on the Creek!

Saturday May 27 is the day to relax with fellow KMUGers and new friends on the lovely Shukugawa River. Enjoy a day outside in temperate May before the rainy season and sweltering summer come on. See attached map for directions.

Mark a bold KMUG on your calendar for May 27 and come on down to the river around 1:00 PM. The club will provide “snacking” food like chips & dip to get things started. By all means, if you have a "special dish" you'd like to share with fellow Mac Freaks, either homemade or store-bought, bring it along. And you can pick up beer, soda, and other beverages at a close-by convenience store (1-min. walk).

(Note about BBQ: Fires and grills are officially prohibited along the Shukugawa Park, so please refrain from burning here.)

Advance RSVP is not required, but if you're pretty sure you'll come, it would be helpful if you could send a quick note about how many people you will bring:

Please bring along friends who normally don't come to KMUG meetings. But by all means, take yourself down to the river on May 27!
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