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Thanks very much for the info, Norm!

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The is an interesting article. Many students would love to study in the USA but the English minimum requirements for serious matriculation to a better school (you can usually get into a basic language program) requires a large time investment. Most of my students are rightly paranoid about finding work (this is particularly true of the Women) and only the rich can spend additional time in grad school. I hope this grant program will help those poorer yet well motivated students get a chance at grad school. Let's hope the economy and their skill set will align favorably in the coming years... as for now... too many are serving tables.
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Robert L. Seltman

Today's Daily Yomiuri article describes a proposal that could be significant to teachers here. See

Note in particular:

"The ministry plans to require universities to submit numerical targets for the ratio of foreign teachers to local teaching staff and the percentage of students who will study abroad in relation to total enrollment, according to the ministry."

Norm Solberg
#2 - March 26, 2012, 10:06:36 PM
Who's Denny Crane? The greatest trial lawyer in history. See


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