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I kept looking for the most recent iOS upgrade released this week in the Applications app, where all other updates happen, but couldn't find it. By chance I found in Settings, under General, a separate category for Software Update. It is presently downloading... it takes quite awhile. There are many new things, too many to list, in the upgrade. If you go to the software upgrade you can read about what has changed before you do the upgrade.

For iPhone 6 & 6+ you can now pay in many places with your phone. I noticed today some girls with these bigger phones actually have them in phone cases that include a large chain handle, making the phone into a purse, to be warn over the shoulder or around the neck...  Theoretically this makes the phone into a potential cash replacement device. Joggers can now go for a run with their phone and stop in at Starbucks, their convenience store, or (like Bill Clinton use to do) at their local McDonalds.

Glimpses of a cashless future?
#2 - October 22, 2014, 09:16:59 AM
Robert L. Seltman


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