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The first-generation white MacBook is s-l-o-w-as-h-e-c-k.... I wouldn't go anywhere near it.
I would look for something like a MacBook Air 11"...nothing older than 4 years or so...otherwise the computing experience is frustrating. I can't recommend any comprehensive site with detailed specs, but would just watch on Yahoo Auctions what some of these winding up selling for, such as:

Then you'll have an idea.
Use MacTracker to find out the age of a computer and don't go older than 4 years or so. If you have to pay up to 50,000, it would be very much worth the extra, IMHO.

Richard on Awaji
#3 - January 26, 2015, 10:36:45 PM

Someone in my family, owner of an iBook G4 (which has a half-dead battery, seems rather heavy, and can only go as far as OS 10.4 - vintage maybe 2003?), would like to buy a "new" portable computer.

With a budget of about 3Man, these are the apparent options:
- a newer old powerbook
- a new notebook (for example, an Acer Aspire)

My job is to research the market ;) and part of that is to ask the MUGs... so, here are my first questions:
Do you think any decent powerbooks of the post-G4 generation can be had for around 3Man?
(Like, is this possibly a good deal?
Can you recommend a comprehensive site with detailed specs (like what LowendMac used to have)?

TIA and happy New Year all around!

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