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On my iPad i have two movie players, both of which have their own specific plus points.
I’ve tried out several more but those I have now are my favorites:

1. MoliPlayer HD
This app has a beautiful interface with lots easy to use controls.Volume control with the iPad buttons; presets on screen.

2. Playable Pro
Also a very good player - fewer controls but also good. Volume slider on screen.

Both can be bought from the App store for a few bucks.

Uploading videos and movies to these players: I connect my iPad to my iMac with a cable.
Open iTunes , click on the iPad icon (top left) and then on Apps >> you get a long list of all the apps on your iPad.
Scroll down to File Sharing >> these are the apps where you can upload movies, videos, audio, pdf files, ibooks, etc.
Click on the player to which you want to upload a movie file >> if there are already movies in it, you’ll get the playlist on the right. Down this list there is a button Add - click there and search your Mac for the file you want to upload. >> Click Apply and then wait till the whole file is uploaded which can take a while.

I mainly use these players on long flights because I can’t stand the crappy video and audio I get on planes.
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