Mac Malware Guide : How do I protect myself?

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Mac Malware Guide : How do I protect myself?

Protecting yourself, whether you use AV software or not, is the most important aspect of avoiding malware.  The biggest part of that is keeping up with updates, not only for your system but for all your software.  Security vulnerabilities are being found and fixed by software companies all the time.  These vulnerabilities often provide ways for hackers to take advantage of weak points in the system or in an app to install something on your machine.  One would think that, once an update had been released to close these security holes, hackers would abandon any attempt to take advantage of them, but data has shown this not to be the case. Such updates actually provide hackers with a precise method to use to strike at machines that have not been updated.  Since many people never install updates, hackers know they can continue to use those vulnerabilities long after they have been patched.
For example, the Flashback malware took advantage (initially) of vulnerabilities that had already been patched. Similarly, a Microsoft Office vulnerability that had been fixed by an update in late 2009 was taken advantage of by malware (Sabpab) that first appeared in early 2012. So install updates! If you don’t, you’re keeping vulnerabilities that the bad guys have been made aware of and may exploit.

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