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The trickiest part of the trusted list is figuring out if a web site is reputable. Remember that a web site’s domain name (ie, must be registered with a name, address and phone number, making it traceable to someone. A web site without a name, where the address is a string of four numbers, does not have a domain name to make it so easily traceable. Of course, there’s nothing to say that a domain name couldn’t be registered with false information, so if you aren’t sure about the site, try looking for the software in the App Store (found in the Applications folder in Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later) or asking on the Apple Support Communities site. You could also try searching on Google or Yahoo to see if you can find reliable references to the program by some other third party. It would also be a good idea to download a Web of Trust plug-in for your web browser to help identify shady web sites.
When it comes to peer-to-peer file sharing programs, some people use them as a fast way to download legitimate software. However, you ultimately don’t know who you’re downloading it from. Peer-to-peer networks are one of the biggest sources of illegal software, music and movies on the internet, and as such are also one of the biggest sources of malware. It’s easy to be anonymous on a peer-to-peer network, and anonymity is important when doing something illegal, like distributing malware.  This is not just a theoretical concern, as Mac malware has been distributed in the past on peer-to-peer networks, masquerading as pirated copies of prominent Mac software.  Just avoid these networks entirely!
I also recommend keeping the download folder used by your web browser empty. When you download something, don’t leave it in the download folder indefinitely. If you wish to keep the item, move it to some other location, and if you don’t, put it straight in the trash. This will help to prevent “sneak” downloads, where a script on a web page will download something onto your machine without your requesting it. It is much easier to notice such a rogue download in an empty download folder than in one that is crowded, and this reduces the chance that you might find it later and open it, wondering what it is.
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