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Other security issues
Care should also be taken on open wireless networks (those that do not require passwords to access). You never know who else is on such a network with you. Such a person could send you an unsolicited file via instant messaging, copy a malicious app into an unsecured public folder if you have file sharing turned on, and any number of other possible exploits. One particularly nasty technique that has become popular is to fool your machine into thinking there is a software update available, and when you allow it to download and install, it actually downloads malware.  So never install software updates that your machine tells you about while on an open wireless network!
It’s also fairly easy for someone with inexpensive hardware and free software to sit there on the same network and watch every packet of data going to and from your machine. The guy at the next table in Panera could be reading your e-mail along with you! The (rather unlikely) possibility of a hacker using information you’re transmitting to get access to your machine and install malware while you’re eating your panini is only one of many dangers in such a situation. There are many other more likely possibilities. So, be cautious what you do in such environments.
There are many other security issues that you would be wise to be aware of. Even the issue of what you do on an open wireless network is only very peripherally related to malware; there are much bigger, and more likely, dangers that don’t involve malware at all. For more information on such topics, see Apple’s Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides.
Finally, it’s very important to maintain a frequently-updated set of backups, just in case you ever do fall victim of malware that erases your hard drive. (See my Mac Backup Guide for more information about backups.)
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