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Yeah, I figured you had already made a buy but threw it out there anyway. It was during the era when Canon and Epson had not even heard of English and I just liked the fact that they were trying harder--like Avis.

I'm sure you remember having had to learn how to read bakemoji because Canon and Epson couldn't be bothered to make an English driver. Then later they had English drivers for their printers sold in the states but didn't distribute them in Japan so KMUG built up a collection of English printer drivers.  Things were tough in the old days. :)

It was around that time that I bought the Brother and, as I said, I never looked back. Gotta reward good behavior.
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Hi Jimmie!  It's fun to see you on Kinki-net again.  Thanks for your response.  I've already archived the information. I laughed when I read your comment because I did go ahead and get a Canon - having learned that they were what Collin & Tony use, but, indeed, getting the little info window on the printer into English was certainly not easy. I had noticed in the shop (Yamato denki) that the Japanese model numbers differed from the same U.S. models in just one letter, so I got the only Canon they had that was able to fax & downloaded the English manual. However in the English instuctions the language setting was the first step. Ridiculously, NOT so for the Japanese model.  Anyway, the creature is printing, so ... (Thank God).  I had a fancy Brother fax long ago that malfunctioned under warranty. Was not impressed with Brother's support. Same with HP - along with their wonky ink cartridge insertion system.  Canon's support was pretty decent (re little window setup).  So it looks like I'll go with Canon for now.  But will surely keep Brother on the prospect list for the future. 

Thanks very much for the input.  Please stay in touch,
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I've been using Brother ever since the first one I bought. When setting it up, the first question was "English or Japanese " and the second was "Windows or Mac (or something else)? I've never looked back...  ;)
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My printer just died.  An internal part broke in half - rather wonky ink cartridge holder. Tried to find HP repair facility in Japan online - HaHaHa.  It's old;  probably pointlessly expensive to get it fixed.

Question:  Are Canons still the printers that KMUGers are advising? If not - what else? If yes - any model advice?

Thanks hugely in advance,

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