Mojave 10.14.5 on an HP Laptop

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Yet, another possibility:

--- worth challenging for my Probook 450 G3.

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Tried this method on Probook 450 G3:  Simply Mojave won't install :'(. (Although it boots from USB bootable drive)

Suppot Laptop:
6-series laptop:
HP Probook 4x30s, 6x60b,
Elitebook 2x60p, 6x60p-AMD, 8x60p
7-series laptop:
HP Probook 4x40s, 4x0 G0, 6x70b,
6x70B-AMD, 6x70B-NVIDIA, Elitebook 8x70p, 2x70p, 9x70m

In case you have one of these and time to try it out.

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After a long struggle trying to run Mojave on a PC laptop, I ended up with VMware Player v15.

PC: HP Probook 450 G3(Core-i5)/2.5"SSD500GB(Win10)/m.2 SSD 500GB(VM)/RAM8GB


At first, Japanese keyboard was not recognized... Until, I came across:

File transfer between host and guest was easy, once VM Tool(s) is installed.
Network is shared; LAN or Wireless.
If Avast! is installed on host OS, Graphic performance seems to be affected on guest OS.
RAM16GB may be recommended which may allocate 8GB to guest OS.

What's needed:

Could not updated OS to 10.14.6 as of August.
Not snappy (naturally on laptop PC, old model)
Gatekeeper seems to function differently from previous OS, which may block additional software installation.

Installation failed:
Installation successful, but lacks .kext for peripherals:

More power to me... ;)

P.S. - Supplemental...
For m.2 SSD installation for this model, a particular screw was needed to put in place; Size 2.5x4, Code 0012 at ネジのナニワ, because M2x2mm (PB-044) for standard m.2 SSD was too small in diameter.

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