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Can anyone help me out? I have been well stiffed by OUP and Kinokuniya. I decided to use an old standard with 2 private students -- Streamline English - Destinations (British version) as it seemed to suit their needs, despite being a little venerable. It is listed in the OUP '08 catalogue and the students easily obtained their books via the Kinokuniya website. But when I went to our local branch to order the tapes -- I was told that they were no longer available, having been deleted some time ago. I confirmed this with my OUP 'kone'. >:(

Of course we don't need the tapes to use the books -- but IMHO the main charm of that book is the high quality and challenge of the listening tasks.

Does anyone still have a set of these tapes and is willing to sell them to me?

#2 - July 13, 2008, 08:08:48 AM
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