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Kinki-Net is the online home of KMUG, the Kinki Macintosh Users Group ("Kinki" is the Japanese term for the western region centering on Osaka, traditionally known as "Kansai"--it has nothing to do with any connotation of the English word "kinky").

KMUG embraces a multi-national, varied group of Macintosh Users who live in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and other communities of Japan's Kansai region. We meet about every other month, usually on the last Sunday of 'odd-numbered' months, and for special events like our Christmas party and summer barbeque.

This online Kinki-Net community, which had for many years been based on FirstClass conferencing software, is an extension of the KMUG community of very real, flesh-and-blood people who come together to share their knowledge and love of Macintosh computers. It does not accept members who do not reveal their real identity to other members, those who state opinions while hiding behind anonymity. On the other hand, members can choose to hide their identity to the view of non-member "Guests" on this forum.

Although Kinki-Net has changed is software base from FirstClass to a web forum, we are strongly sticking to our "Family & Friendly" policy, where members are expected to speak to each other as they would want their own family and friends treated. Put simply, language personally attacking other members or any abusive language about members is not tolerated. Since 1989, this policy has worked well for us, with very few cases where it's had to be enforced.

For a yearly membership fee of only 1,000 yen, KMUG offers a lot to Kansai Macintosh users: free admission to meetings (usually 500 yen each time), read/posting access to all Kinki-Net discussion boards, and donuts! More importantly, it's an easy and fun way to communicate with other Mac users living near you.

Any inquiries can be sent to

Hope to see you online with us!
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"Talk to your neighbors" — Albert Camus


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