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Hi guys-

This message is intended to clear up the key distinction, for this forum, between the "Username" and "Name" designations on Kinki-Net. This distinction, based on "Simple Machines Forum" software, is made to reconcile the longstanding Kinki-Net tradition of people speaking for themselves, not hiding behind pseudonyms, and the need for members to protect their privacy against viewing by "Guests" to Kinki-Net, such as casual web surfers.

"Username" = This is the first item in your "Account Related Settings" under your Profile. By KMUG policy, this must be your REAL NAME. This is also the name you will use when you login to the Kinki-Net website. If you try to use a name other than your real name, an administrator will change it to your real name and send you an e-mail asking you to reset your password. It's important to understand: ONLY OTHER KMUG MEMBERS CAN VIEW YOUR PROFILE AND THUS FIND OUT YOUR USERNAME

"Name" = This is the second item in your "Account Related Settings" under your Profile. It's best to think of this as your DISPLAY NAME, which will appear next to your "posts," or messages, on the various discussion boards. This can be ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE, such as "Wild MacMan" or "PowerBook Lady."

We recommend that as soon as your account is operational (when you receive the "approval" e-mail) you go to your profile and change your "Name" (display name).

To change your display name, hit the profile tab at the top of the page; then in the new page, choose "Account Related Settings" link under "Modify Profile" in the menu on the left side of the page. The second item (under Username) is "Name": Change this to whatever you want and then hit the "Change profile" button near the bottom of the page (you may need to input your password here).

If you don't care about who on the web sees your actual name, that's fine too, just keep as is.

Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions or requests about the forum.
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