Jan 25 Meeting

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Ron Read will talk about running Windows OS on your Mac. In Ron's work, he has to use Windows, against his will, to harmonize with his company's main server in Tokyo. Surprisingly, he found out that using Windows on a Mac does not have to be a difficult or painful experience.

Since Ron uses Parallels emulation software, that will be the main focus of his presentation, although he'll also touch on the basic approach of Bootcamp and Parallel's rival, VMWare Fusion. He'll touch on some details about setting up your Parallels virtual machine, including security between the Mac and Windows sides of your computer. If you have experience using Win on Mac, your input is very welcome. If you want to demo something, you can use Ron's computer or hook up your own to the projector.

Ron will also talk a bit about his first impressions of the new MacBook's multi-touch trackpad and a few usage tips.
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