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O.K., I'm here officially as a KMUG exec to say that although things got too sweaty and hectic for anything during the summer (and many of us will be away), we have fabulous news about Sept. 27th's meeting. 

Long term KMUG member and Mr. Gadget Geek, Preston Nevins will be telling us all about the iPod touch.  Please note that almost everything you learn about it will also apply to the iPhone.  Preston's still considering what specifics he will include in his presentation, so we won't hold him to the list below, but below is what he mentioned in email to the KMUG execs. 

Sounds FABULOUS to me!

On Jul 21, 2009, at 10:58 PM, Preston Nevins wrote:
Basically I'm thinking of discussing what sorts of things I find myself using it for:
   As a Wi-Fi remote control for other computers (making a headless media server out of a Mac mini, for example)
   As an ebook reader (yes I read the entire Twilight series on this screen)
   My main Twitter and RSS reader
   Of course, games..
   Checklists & stuff like that
   Oh, and as an iPod too!

Covering the iTunes App Store & purchasing apps is probably a good idea too.

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