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Please read and agree to the following before Joining KMUG/Kinki-Net

Kinki-Net is the on-line home of the Kinki Macintosh Users Group (KMUG). “Kinki” is the traditional name of the region in western Japan centering on Osaka and including the cities of Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and several other communities. KMUG members, foreign residents of a wide variety of nationalities as well as Japanese citizens, come together in the “real world” at regular meetings and special events such as summer barbeques and Christmas parties.

This forum gathers real people who maintain a community to discuss issues such as using and maintaining Macintosh computers, local events, club activities, and using Japanese text in computer applications. Therefore, although you may choose any “name” in your preferences for display in your posts, you are required to user your REAL name as your “user name,” which is visible to other registered KMUG members. Do not change the “user name” from your real name—if you do, the administrators will reset it. You may upload any photo/picture to display next to your posts as an “avatar,” as long as it can be considered “tasteful” by common sense.

Through Kinki-Net’s history, since 1989, we have maintained our “Family & Friendly” policy, which simply means we treat other members with respect and help to keep a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.
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"Talk to your neighbors" — Albert Camus


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