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Thanks a bunch Tony! Look forward to leisurely looking those sites over on a rainy Saturday, with a cup of hot chocolate. Or a beer. :o
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Kirin Lager tastes better than Kirin Lemon

Need help? These are some places where you can start looking for those vexing glitches and hard to answer questions.

Remember that when looking for help, the answer you get often depends on the question you ask. Be as detailed and accurate as possible in your description of the problem, and include relevant information, such as your computer model and version, OS version, and the specific software version.* Describe when the problem occurs and under what conditions - what are you doing when the problem occurs, what else was running, does the problem occur when logged in as another user or when booted from a different hard drive. Think of recent changes or additions to your hardware or software.

In no significant order:

English help (toll free): 0077-78673-6
Genius Bar Shinsaibashi 06-4963-4500
Support (Don't overlook the very good tutorials here.)
Discussion forums:

Mac OS X Hints

Excellent resource, though you'll need to subscribe ($/¥/€) for access to the archives and other services. Colin and I both subscribe.

Macworld Help & Tips

The Mac Observer Forums
Separate forums for OS and hardware support

Mac-L List & Digest
Mail-based list

Mac OS X Faq

Good for specs, build details, and prices of older Macs.

Other World Computing
Support section of web page filled with useful how-to videos, manuals, and specs

Have other suggestions? Let me know and I'll add them to the list.


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Details about applications can be found in the Menu Bar under the application name: About APPNAME. Details about your system hardware and software can be found in the Menu Bar under the Apple icon at the far left: About This Mac -> More info...
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Tony Silva


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